About CMI Limited



CMI Springs specialises in the manufacture of highly functional springs, wire forms and metal components, with full technical support. We currently supply to a range of different companies including; Whiteware, Agricultural, Horticultural, Engineering and various others. We distribute to a range of different sectors, including: Manufacturing, Engineering, Electrical, Construction and various others.

CMI Springs was originally known as 'Gerrard Springs', and was developed in Wellington during the 1950's as a cement mixer, servicing the industrial sector. An opportunity in the marketplace, led to Gerrard Spring's entrance into spring making. Due to the rapid expansion of the company, they moved to larger manufacturing facilities based in Auckland. In 1969, a second factory was opened in Christchurch.

Today, we work with the latest technology in computerised spring design and quotation services to better serve our customers. We understand the importance of quality, as well as the timeliness of orders, and prioritise these factors into all areas of decision making. 

Our latest innovation is the Trapinator, a humane possum trap which is light, portable and easy to use. It was designed to eradicate introduction pests, such as; possums, weasels, rats, stoats, hedgehogs and ferrets. The Trapinator is revolutionary in its ergonomic design that supports the cause of returning New Zealand's bushland back to its natural state. 

CMI Limited is a SIBA Holdings company.